Increased Sales

  • Boost market share
  • Increase impulse purchasing
  • Create community awareness
  • Promote higher margin items
  • Entice passing traffic with targeted items to purchase
  • Increase and maximize profits

High Visibility

  • An Electronic Message Center (EMC) is extremely noticeable by utilizing light, motion, color, graphics and high brightness to grab the attention of passing traffic.


  • Instantly change messages!  An Electronic Message Center provides added flexibility when you want to advertise your time sensitive messages.

Lower Cost Advertising

  • The cost of advertising with an Electronic Message Center is 40-60% less per thousand viewers than other methods of advertising.  Because Electronic Message Centers have the flexibility to change your messages on the go, advertising budgets may be lowered by eliminating or decreasing the purchase of static signs and banners.


  • An Electronic Message Center helps you reach out to more potential buyers through repetitive advertising.


  • Moving messages command attention
  • Instant communication
  • Convey information quickly


  • LED displays are energy efficient – LED displays are energy efficient reducing costs up to 95% (compared to incandescent systems)
  • Long LED lamp life – Over 100,000 hours (approx. 10 years)
  • Weather resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • High resolution and clarity